One Boat Hounslow

Hounslow, like every city on the globe needs to let go of emissions that are harming people and ruin the climate. In a very short time we have to become a climate friendly place. But how can we tackle the big emitters such as transport and heating? The answer to these questions varies as much as Hounslow´s  residents: young or old, born in the Borough or far away, women, men and everything in between, wealthy or struggling to make ends meet.

Different as we are, we are all facing the same challenge: to reduce our emissions to zero. One Boat Hounslow  is creating an independent hub for information, success stories, struggles and open questions. We are inviting every resident of Hounslow to join us 

Together we will  London’s 32 Boroughs. Challenges and opportunities –  Heathrow as a big employer, a Council that has declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, 

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What we do

Our main aim at this point in time is to reach out to fellow residents all over the Borough and start a conversation about climate change: how they would envision a better future, the changes they would like to see, the obstacles they are facing. Below you will find details when to find us on which of the Highstreets of the borough.  

Politicians make change happen: We are lucky in Hounslow that our MPs and Councillors are in support of climate action. Knowing that Hounslow´s residents are supporting climate action empowers them to ask for more at Parliament or from the London Assembly. Join our bi-weekly letter workshop to get in touch with your local Councillors or MP. 



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