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COP26 at the end of the year and extensive investments into the post-Covid recovery, 2021 is a crucial year to protect the climate. We are aiming to support Greens at a national and local level. 


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On 10 June Jenny Jones and London Green Parties will deliver an invoice to the Treasury as a reminder to the Chancellor of the Exchequer that 800,000,000 tons of Carbon-dioxide are still not being taxed. You can ask your MP to support a carbon tax with our template letter. The climatometer is a tool to help engage with the public on street stalls and with the climate postcard we invite our neighbours to join local party meetings and get involved in our campaigns.  Join the live stream of the Alternative G7 Summit on 10 June that gives the stage to leading Green politicians from around the world.

10th  June 2021

Climate invoice

Join Jenny Jones at the Treasury to hand Rishi Sunak the Climate Invoice. And please share on social media.

10th June 2021

Hand it out!

The Green 7 panel confronts the burning questions of the G7 summit.

jUne – December


On a street stall the Climatometer visualises that most people are very concerned about climate change.

June – December

Invite your community

For stall or letterbox: use the Climate Awareness Postcard to invite new people to local party meetings. 

jUne – December

Letter to your MP

Ask your MP to support our demand for Carbon Tax and Dividend. 

June – December

Your events

By-elections, lobbying the council or street stall. Local parties are running great campaigns. Let us know what you are up to.

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