Campaign Events G7 - COP26

From June to December, we’ll be taking action all over the UK to press local, national and international leaders to take serious steps on the Climate Emergency

10 June 2021

Climate Invoice for the treasury

If you are in London join Jenny Jones at the Treasury (time and date tbc) to present Rishi Sunak with an oil barrel and the Climate Invoice attached.
Any local party can adapt the invoice to reflect climate damage in their area and deliver it to their local Council. 
Please post on your local party´s facebook and twitter about the event. 

May – November

The Climatometer – Let Your Council Know How People Feel

The Climatometer is a great tool for street stalls as it visualises in a compelling way – a dense cloud of dots – that most people are very concerned about climate change.
Print out a large (A1) version of the Climatometer. You’ll also need a board to fix it on, and a stand to keep this upright. Adapt the last question to address local issues  Invite members of the public to put a sticky dot in the boxes next to the questions to show how they feel.
Next steps: Twitter a photo of the results with the hashtag #MakePollutersPay, post it on your local parties fb page and send conclusive Climatometers to the leader of your Council.  

May – November

Invite the community and grow your local party

Use the Climate Awareness Postcard to invite new people to local party meetings at a stall or just put it through the letterbox.
The theme is to join a Green Party meeting to discuss local solutions to climate change. At the moment there are two templates;  a generic one and one that addresses the over development that is happening in many areas. 

May – November

Let us know about your events 

Local Parties are running great campaigns. Please let us know about your campaigns so that we can learn from you, support you wherever possible and make your materials available to other parties. Thank you!