Green 7 summit

How can we tackle the outrageous unfairness of the global financial system? Climate Finance is the top issue for the climate talks in December. But who believes that the world’s financiers are serious about climate action, let alone climate justice? What can private finance achieve to address the climate emergency? What other tools do we need to make the polluters pay? Can we use the global trading system? How can we link the climate justice and Black Lives Matter movements in a world where the rich countries still benefit from their exploitation of the majority world?.

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Or watch the Green 7  live stream – 10. June from 07.00 – 8.30 PM

Meet the speakers


Molly Scott Cato

Economist and former Member of the European Parliament for South West of England.


Anika Jane Dorothy

Executive Director of the Green Congress of Kenya.


Ernest Urtasun

Spanish Green MEP, expert on Carbon Tax.

Thanks to Global Greens for making this event happen